Why Build on $KDA [Kadena]?

4 min readMar 1, 2022
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Kadena is an emerging blockchain with a vibrant, flourishing community that has already seen adoption and no small measure of success. Even so, it is still the early days of this soon-to-be high market-cap token, with huge upside potential for anyone willing to grab a bag of $KDA. This holds doubly true for forward-thinking developers already familiar with programming languages capable of executing smart contracts, like Solidity.

“Dozens of projects adopted Kadena’s scalable Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain and Pact safe smart contracts in 2021, propelling Kadena to a billion-dollar ecosystem with applications in DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming.”

Kadena runs on PACT, a turing incomplete programming language capable of executing smart contracts and enabling cross-chain integrations with built-in bug detection. This provides a future-proof foundation that enables insanely high TPS (transactions-per-second), and virtually zero gas fees — that scale. Birthed from JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center for Excellence, Kadena was designed to power global financial systems — and one day, it will.

“Pact is the most powerful smart contract language available for writing applications directly on the blockchain. Pact was designed to be readable by non-developers and has been battle tested in production applications for over two years.”

Originally coined by Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), the Blockchain Trilemma is a theoretically solvable dilemma in the crypto space, which revolves around three tenets: Decentralized, Speed, Security. Solving for one portion of the equation leads to costs in the others, and vice versa.

Decentralized: A blockchain is decentralized when it doesn’t rely on any centralized component, eg ICANN within our traditional internet, or large nodes for block validation in PoS.

Speed: When a traditional blockchain like Ethereum scales and the network is flooded with users, transaction speeds slow and gas fees rise accordingly as users compete for block space.

Security: A secure blockchain is one protected from 51% and other common malware or DDoS attacks, is not plagued by bugs caused by faulty code, or extended periods of downtime.

Presented with this dilemma, Kadena worked to solve all three tenets without compromising on any one component.

$KDA solves the Blockchain Trilemma via scaling Layer 1 architecture complemented by its Layer 1 Chainweb, which allows for infinite scaling potential as mass adoption arrives to the blockchain. Via FLUX hosting, both frontend and backend can be fully decentralized. Kadena’s Chainweb blockchain architecture is woven together by steel threads via its PoW (Proof of Work) mining infrastructure, resulting in ironclad security paired with lightning-fast TX speeds. You can permissibly operate Kadena via Kuro, and validate these claims yourself via Azure cloud & AWS.

“With 20 chains, the Kadena blockchain platform achieves an industry-leading 480,000 transactions per second… Kadena is the only scalable layer-1 Proof of Work (PoW) platform capable of scaling to settle the 9+ million trades executed on the NYSE each day.”

Mining Etherum may be very profitable until it’s move to PoS in Q2 2022*(?), but GPU miners are notorious for following the most profitable mining rewards. Relying on GPU mining to secure transactions on-chain creates a glaring security flaw that Kadena has long since solved by moving to FPGA, then onto ASIC miners.

A network of ASIC miners currently support the blockchain, validating transactions with its recent average network hashrate regularly exceeding 100 PH/s. 20 braided Layer 1 chains producing blocks every 30 seconds at the same height while referencing one another make it very difficult, if not impossible, for an attacker to successfully mount an attack.

For all these reasons and more, developing on Kadena has both merit and value for any blockchain developer seeking to expand their horizons and look towards the future.

The juiciest, most compelling reason you should consider Kadena? Well, I’ve saved that for last… Kadena Eco.

Kadena has just announced the launch of Kadena Eco, a foundation-funded project incubator & accelerator poised to attract top-tier talent and strategic capital to fuel parabolic growth for its ecosystem. Not only are they committed to providing direct support to emerging projects, the core ecosystem fund is set to deploy sweet, sweet capital to blockchain developers seeking to build on $KDA.

Want to read up more on Kadena Eco? Click Here

Whether you’re a blockchain developer already working in DeFi thinking about pivoting from other blockchains, or a freshly minted dev looking to sink your teeth into a secure, trustless programming language with secure smart contracts and built-in bug detection — Kadena has a seat at the table for you, and a ravenous community of supporters looking to adopt your project.

You can get in touch with Kadena Eco or submit a project here.

“Kadena provides the world’s fastest hybrid blockchain platform, consisting of the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW public network.”

Join a thriving community. Build without compromise on Kadena.

~Ren Ryder

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